Kseniya Moshykhina

Kseniya Moshykhina

Director of UCF, Second Vice President
Kyiv, Ukraine

Kseniya Moshykhina has been practicing martial arts, self-defense and hand-to-hand combat since 2004.

She is an expert in self-defense, personal security, and special physical training.

Kseniya has the national bodyguard qualification.

She is an expert in Israeli self-defense systems, an instructor of krav maga and aggressive training methods; such experts as Itay Gil, Moshe Katz, Eugene Barshtman, Ravid Shimko, Guy Dar, Lior Offenbach, and others trained her.

She has also studied Urban Combatives by Lee Morrison and Defense Lab by Andy Norman.

Kseniya is an instructor of the Fairbairn Defendu system (2017, Poland).

Master’s degree in physical education (Wyższa Szkoła Edukacja w Sporcie, Warszawa, Poland), and she is a bachelor of psychology.

UCF third (Advanced) level instructor.