Borys Bidichev

Borys Bidichev

Founder and President of UCF
Kyiv, Ukraine

Borys Bidichev has been practicing martial arts and hand-to-hand combat since 1982.

He has master’s levels (black belt) in several martial arts: karate, traditional and modern jiu-jitsu, kobudo. He learned from European, Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese masters.

Since the beginning of the 1990s, he has been professionally involved in the training of security guards and bodyguards, in issues of private and commercial security has been a teacher and adviser on hand-to-hand combat and special training for the Ukrainian National Guard and the Armed Forces personnel.

He has a master’s degree in physical education and physical rehabilitation.

Borys Bidichev is the founder of international programs TAKTIKA Combat Systems, TAKTIKA Combatives, and Ukrainian Taktika programs.